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The Dogs Doodahs

This web site has a lot of character! It’s fun to use, very interactive and hugely hilarious.

We invested a lot of time in the development of this site and those nice people at The Dogs Doodahs have been just brilliant. Their sense of humour mixed with unbelievable professionalism and attention to detail has resulted in one of the best web sites we have put our name to.

The site was launched with a user group on twitter and face book with over 2000 “likes” and streams of high praise within the first few days. Join them on Facebook here and look out for competitions and promotion codes including free cards.

Creating personalised cards and gifts is not a new invention on the internet but this website does shed a little light on how it should be done. It’s developed on the .net platform with Microsoft SQL Server providing database support. The rendering of the high resolution images for print mixed with the order fulfilment systems and the comprehensive CRM system is delivered using a mix of horsepower and genius; horsepower in the form of several servers hosted in our Gloucester data centre and genius in the form of a devoted website design and devlopment team in our Cheltenham web design offices.

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The Dogs Doodahs Site on MacBook
The Dogs Doodahs On iPhone
The Dogs Doodahs Fun Logo
The Dogs Doodahs Card - lady
The Dogs Doodahs Card - 3 rules

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