Naima Naima Marketing

Out with the old, in with the new!

2nd November 2020

As high street shopping lessens, more and more businesses are turning to the world wide web to sell their products and services but with the huge increase in online shopping have you taken a step back and thought, is my Google Analytics helping me learn about my customers and reach out to them with relevant information?

Tim Tim Tech

App Development - Apple vs Android

9th October 2020

Getting ready to launch an App might sound exciting, but there’s lots of things to think about. Possibly the most important decision, do I go with Apple or Android? Well that decision may have just got easier.

Naima Naima Marketing

Google’s search ranking update – the low down!

10th September 2020

First of all, hi! I’m Naima, Webnetism’s latest addition to the team. My role is to help clients navigate through the ever confusing, world of websites – lovely to e-meet you!

Tim Tim Marketing

Kill Off The Carousel

20th August 2020

I’ve been in web design long enough to see many trends evolve. One of the early breakthroughs ‘The Slideshow Banner’ has been with us a long time now, but is it time to Kill Off The Carousel?

Andy Andy Marketing

Why Shouldn't I Use A DIY Website Builder

14th July 2020

You’ve probably seen those TV ads for online companies that provide ‘DIY’ web building services. You can create a website from a range of templates and options, and host it on their servers. It all sounds so simple. So why shouldn’t everybody just do it that way?

Chris Chris Update

CMS:42 New Features

2nd July 2020

Over the last 12 months the team have been hard at work building some fantastic new features within our CMS:42 product, which I’ve outlined in this post.

Harry Harry Marketing

"The Cloud"

10th June 2020

Is "The Cloud" just someone else's computer?

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