Tim Tim Tech

How are UX and UI design related and yet very different?

20th February 2020

It’s likely you’ve heard the terms UX (User eXperience) design and UI (User Interface) design, but what exactly do these terms mean?

Pete Pete Marketing

Planning a new website?

10th February 2020

Is your website looking old and dated? Is it performing as well as it should? Is it generating business?

Tim Tim Marketing

A fistful of ‘good practice’ tips for managing your website content

20th January 2020

A content management system is a great tool to give you access to adding content onto your website, but there are some common mistakes people make that easily be avoided if you follow these simple guidelines.

Harry Harry Marketing

Planning for next Christmas?

6th January 2020

Now is the time to start planning your Christmas website amendments. It is always easier if it is a planned piece of work rather than a last-minute rush.

Dan Dan Tech

Benefits and Considerations of Single Page Applications

19th December 2019

A single page application (SPA) is a web application or website that loads content dynamically in to a single page based on user interactions instead of reloading the entire page from the server.

Tim Tim Marketing

Best practice suggestions for blog writing

5th December 2019

Having blog posts on your website is a great way to generate content to keep your website fresh and current. But there’s no point churning out content if it’s not going to be read.

Tim Tim Marketing

Ten Key Points to increasing customer loyalty

28th November 2019

Improving customer loyalty, will increase your returning visitors and not only increase your repeat business, but get things right and it can also help to increase average basket value.

Andy Andy Tech

How to increase the amount of time users spend on your site

14th November 2019

Research has shown that you have only 15 seconds to engage a customer before they click onto the next search result. How do you grab their attention?

Chris Chris Marketing

Top tips for personalising your marketing emails

31st October 2019

Do you regularly send marketing emails to your customers and prospects? Do you take the time to segment your subscribers and personalise your emails (Hint putting their name in the email is not personalisation!) then read on…

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